Winners of the UClass “Back to School Goals!” Featured Lesson

This month, UClass celebrated the start of the new school year with our featured Back To School Goals! lesson. We had an awesome turnout, witnessing students share their ambitions for the upcoming school year. Many awesome goals were submitted, ranging from improving as an illustrator and practicing the flute more to getting straight As and being more active on UClass. 

Our judges were blown away by the creativity and quality of the goals they saw, and we hope that this lesson will keep our students accountable to the goals that they’ve established. So, without further ado. The winner of the UClass Back To Schools Goals! featured lesson is…

Ms. McGuiness’ 5th Grade Class from Derbyshire, United Kingdom.


If your students haven’t seen or commented on the winning projects already, make sure to do so. Also, keep up the global collaboration by participating in our latest featured lesson, the Crisis in Syria World Forum. Created by one of very own teachers Ms. Lerosen, this lesson sparks resolution-centered discussion on the events happening in Syria.

Can’t wait to see what your class comes up with next!

The Global Lesson Exchange @ UClass
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