Meet a Teacher Who Makes UClass Lessons!

This week, we bring you the latest edition of Meet the Faces of UClass. Hailing from New York, Ms. Amanda Xavier teaches middle school ELA and has been a huge part of our global community from the beginning. Now, she shares her awesome lessons on UClass, serving classrooms around the world with her vetted content.

Need an ELA lesson? Here are a few of our favorites…


When we asked Amanda how UClass impacts her class, she said:

I love using UClass in my classes. It lets the kids who are too shy to speak aloud have a voice in our classroom discussions; whether we’re discussing Percy Jackson’s fatal flaw, if wild animals should be kept in captivity, or if NYC should ban large sugary drinks. UClass is a great way for everyone to join in and have their voice heard on topics that affects kids and our world today.

The Global K12 Lesson Exchange @ UClass


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