Invitation to the Halloween “Trick-or-Change” Lesson

Things are getting really spooky on UClass. In the spirit of Halloween, we’re casting spells on our featured “Trick-or-Change” lesson, bewitching your students to put down the candy and make a difference in their community.

Students will create a Trick-or-Treat campaign to make change in their community.
Teachers, engage your class in this fang-tastic activity in 3 easy steps:
  1. Find and click into the lesson, located at the top of the lesson feed.
  2. Press Assign, edit any piece of the lesson and distribute it to your students.
  3. Students will see the lesson on your classroom page and upload their work from there.
The project deadline is Friday, November 8th. The winning class will be highlighted on our blog and receive a special UClass prize. BEWARE: Your students could turn into zombie world-changers.
The Global K12 Lesson Exchange @ UClass

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