Faces of UClass: Robert Bonner

Mr. Bonner Lessons

We’ve got an amazing teacher board and we’re not too shy to brag about it! This week we introduce to you an ELA teacher with a knack for creative lesson planning, Mr. Robert Bonner.

Robert currently teaches at a charter middle school in Boston Massachusetts, but he has experience teaching high school English as well. With dozens of his great lessons posted on UClass already, Robert shows no signs of slowing down. Keep at it Mr. Bonner!

Here are just a few of our ELA favorites:

  Students will create GoogleDocs to aid in literary analysis   Students will write an inference based police report of a 'crime'  Students will create a an illustration that is a metaphorical representation of a literary (or historical) character

Robert also shares his experience with UClass:

“I think the idea behind UClass – that teachers from all over the world can post engaging, dynamic, common core lessons – is exciting in that it shrinks the world and creates a whole new availability of educational resources for teachers. It’s so neat seeing dozens of new lessons posted each week; being able to search for and pinpoint the exact standard that I want to hit is liberating. Contributing to such an effort is a pleasure. My name is Robert Bonner, and I am UClass.”

The Global K12 Lesson Exchange @ UClass


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