San Mateo School District Flagships Pilot

It’s official, California’s San Mateo County is on board to flagship, our content management system for schools and districts. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley and serving the children of our world’s most influential tech innovators, San Mateo will partner with to house their curriculum on one centralized platform. This solution offers teachers a one-stop hub for finding, sharing and organizing Common Core resources.

“While each district needs to make its own decisions regarding how best to move forward with specific instructional resources or programs, the collaboration of teachers has always had a powerful impact on the quality of instruction,” remarks Gary Waddell, deputy superintendent for the San Mateo County Office of Education. “This shift means that teachers will be engaging in instructional design — identifying resources, planning lessons and assessments — that respond to the Common Core State Standards.”

San Mateo County, along with nine other lucky districts, will receive a custom designed system to fit their content needs. So far, we have received a number of strong applicants from nine states across the U.S., Kenya and the United Arab Emirates.

With our application deadline on Saturday, February 15, we will review candidates this upcoming weekend and make a decision about who will receive their tailor-made software on March 1. We’ve set out to reweave the fabric of education, and we hope that you will join us in the journey!

Remember to get your pilot applications in by this Saturday, February 15.



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