We won–so we’re going to DC!

Challenge FestivalLast night we had the pleasure of competing in the San Francisco Challenge Cup pitch competition hosted by 1776 and we came out on top for our division! The Challenge Cup toured to sixteen different cities across the globe to find each region’s most promising startups in the categories of education, energy, health, and smart cities.

After several rounds of judging, UClass was announced as one of the four winning startups to advance to the final week-long tournament in Washington DC. We are proud to represent San Francisco EdTech as we join the sixty-three other contending startups for the Challenge Festival event in May.

Challenge Cup

Check out the other 3 San Francisco companies that will be going to the Challenge Festival with us:
San Francisco Doesn’t Disappoint with Four Startups Headed to Challenge Festival


One thought on “We won–so we’re going to DC!

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