Our beef with the Common Core

Our Beef with CCSS

#1 | Over the next 7 weeks, we will deconstruct our master resource rubric and break down all of the components of an authentic Common Core lesson. Check out parts 1234567, and 8 of the series.

When it comes to our relationship with the Common Core, it’s complicated. Don’t get us wrong, here at UClass, we see the good intended of the Common Core. CCSS raises the bar and commands deeper learning. That sounds fine and dandy, but for some reason we all just can’t seem to agree on what that really means. It’s been a rocky road adapting to the new standards. Moreover, we’re left without a map. Whether we put the blame on the high-stakes testing or the lack of preparation and resources, educators across the U.S. are voicing their grief over the mishandling of the new standards. As of late, even the National Education Association has waned in its support of the CCSS, deeming the implementation “botched”. So what are we to do in order to get back on track?

The Common Core calls for a new way of teaching. Unlike the standards that have come and gone before, the CCSS goes beyond just presenting new tags for old ways and requires a fundamental shift in how we create and implement content. A successful Common Core classroom hasn’t just been rebranded, its been reinvigorated with fresh approaches to content and strategic methods of implementation.

At UClass, our board of master teachers wrestled with these new standards and picked them apart to expose the attributes of a true Common Core resource. After several days of workshops scrutinizing individual standards and depth of knowledge, we created a rubric to guide content creation that captures the essence of the ideal Common Core lesson. Lo and behold, we’ve struck gold! Lucky for you, with all the effort that went into building this knowledge, we just can’t keep the wealth to ourselves. Over the next seven weeks, we will deconstruct our coveted rubric to highlight components of a successful Common Core lesson, so stay tuned!

Follow us over the next weeks as we reveal more from our Common Core resource rubric! Read our entire series of posts:


Follow us over the next weeks as we reveal more from our Common Core resource rubric! Read our entire series of posts:

1: Our beef with the Common Core
2: Holy moly! Teachers aren’t teaching Common Core standards
3: How to not be a bad teacher
4: Get your lessons diving deep in cognitive rigor
5. Help! I Lost All of My Students!
6. How to Give Students a Voice
7. How To Be Your Students’ Favorite
8. 4 Differentiation Tips You Need to Know 


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  2. Pingback: Holy moly! Teachers aren’t teaching Common Core standards | UClass Blog

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