Holy moly! Teachers aren’t teaching Common Core standards

#2 | Over the next 6 weeks, we will deconstruct our master resource rubric and break down all of the components of an authentic Common Core lesson. Check out parts 1234567, and 8 of the series.

A school is only as strong as its teachers, right? So, why aren’t teachers acing Common Core pedagogy and cracking the method to its intelligent madness? It’s not their fault. Many have not been taught or trained on how to teach these new standards. It might sound like a no-brainer, but engaging in Webb’s Depth of Knowledge starts with lessons that are not similar to or loosely aligned, but deeply rooted in standards. Lessons ought to develop from a standard at its core.

Creating a CCSS-centered lesson begins with understanding the standard on a level beyond simply skimming over it a few times. The best way to achieve this is by dissecting the standard and identifying the three core components (concept, skill, and task), which will set the groundwork for any top-notch CCSS lesson.

Concept: Content we want students to learn, evaluate, and apply

Skill: Ability to do something well; the action words

Task: Piece of work, endeavor, experience, or responsibility to perform in order to learn the concept and practice the skill

Concepts and skills can be pulled directly from a standard and rearranged in parallel on a chart. From this, teacher and student actions (tasks) can be developed, which will guide Common Core content creation. This method of dissecting standards will help to thoroughly embed the CCSS into lesson plans, thus facilitating deep learning.

Here at UClass, we stand firm in our conviction that if you’re going to build something, make it exceptional — and that goes double for our lesson plans. That’s what makes our content creators unique. Like scientists, our board of teachers are meticulous in picking apart every element of every standard to bring the best content to the education resource marketplace.

*Watch the YouTube video below for a step-by-step tutorial on dissecting standards*



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