How to Be Your Students’ Favorite

How To Be Your Students' Favorite
#7 | In the next week, we will continue to deconstruct our master resource rubric and break down all of the components of an authentic Common Core lesson. Check out parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 56, 7, and 8 of our series.

It’s not everyday that your students tell you that you’re their number one. But, why not? Each day is an opportunity to win over your students while bringing quality instruction to the classroom, and you don’t need to learn any magic tricks to make this happen. Good lessons offer students knowledge. Great lessons cultivate a thirst for learning. Connecting with students through instruction requires accommodation and a sprinkle of variety to maintain interest, which is why incorporating multimedia is a must.

Common Core Rubric 6

There’s no doubt about it, cookie-cutter methods of teaching just don’t work. Students have different ways of learning, whether that’s auditory, visual, or kinesthetic. It’s important to serve as many of these needs as possible. Optimizing the use of technology by engaging students with YouTube videos, online games and virtual fieldtrips enhances the learning environment and piques motivation to get hands-on. Technology can expose your students to a whole new facet of learning. If you need to source ideas, consider incorporating these websites in your next lesson plan:

  • EduCreations – If you have a tablet at your disposal, use this site to create free and easy classroom videos.
  • BrainPOP – Engage students with fun educational games and quizzes.
  • Teaching Kids News – Have students research student-friendly news and give them a taste of digital research.
  • Virtual Class Trips – For teachers who can’t fit the time in for a real field trip, a virtual online one is the next best thing!
  • Make Beliefs Comix – Create your own comic strips. For some classroom application ideas, click here.
  • Twitter – Create classroom hashtags to backchannel discussions and encourage student collaboration.
  • UClass – Have your students collaborate on lessons and easily share

Teaching takes many forms and we say, the best forms instruct students without them even realizing it. Strict lecture will only get you so far, so change things up and introduce your students to new forms of multimedia. Take something out of their playbook and ask them to offer suggestions for what they come across on the Web. Use your tools wisely and your students will thank you, not only for stimulating class activities, but also for soaring achievements. Brace yourself for the upcoming Teacher Appreciation Week, because this year’s looking bright.


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