A Teacher Love Letter

Teacher Love Letter

Dear teachers,

Words can’t adequately express how immensely indebted we are to you. You challenge and inspire our students, empowering them with the ingenuity that will ensure a better future for us all. The work you do on a daily basis touches all of our lives.

Foolishly, we assumed that our days of passing around love notes were over–but that was before we met our beautiful teacher board. With that said, we’d like to take this time to give a special thanks to each of our amazing teachers.



We love Candice because she is courageous. She is in it to improve education for the students who need it the most and she offers her intelligent challenges and impactful experience to the teachers she trains. She stares the broken parts of education in the eye and comes away with actionable solutions.



We love Desiree because she is so dedicated. With a child of her own on the way, she continues to care for students outside of her classroom and work on content for UClass among other commitments to education. She takes leadership in her school and is devoted to quality when working with other teachers. She also brings sunshine wherever she goes.



We love Jack because he explores. His commitment to inquiry comes out in the school that he leads and the lessons that he shares with other educators. He is thoughtful about the angles and needs of all learners and works to make kids find their own answers in learning.




We love Jason because he is interested. His personal curiosity about the world comes out in his instruction with students and the way that he talks about education. He wants to engage in the conversation about what education is and isn’t doing and to bring real-world opportunities to his classroom for his students to build their own curiosity.



We love Jess because she is brilliant. She is thoughtful about education from the individual developmental level all the way out to the political scene. The decisions she makes in her action-packed classroom and out in the world (where she and her students can often be found) are well informed to promote deep learning.



We love Joanna because the is thoughtful. She writes lessons that engage students’ character as well as their intellect and is active in her desire to make a change in education. She is committed and encouraging with the teachers that she trains, but never forgets the students that she does it for.




We love Karen because she is delightful. She takes pleasure in sharing ideas with others and has lots of energy for learning new things herself. Karen teaches lessons that are engaging and meaningful for kids and brings her experience to other educators so that she can help them grow.




We love Maureen because she is full of ideas. She always has a new way to think of something and reliably turns her brainstorms into real tools that will help students and teachers learn. She approaches teaching with an open mind and open heart and never stops growing.


Meghan Sullivan


We love Meghan because she is big-hearted. She offers her personality along with her thoughts. As she teaches history in a way that matters to kids she makes sure that they know that they matter to her. If you work with Meghan as a student, teacher or global colleague, you have gained a caring and spirited friend.



We love Rikke because she is expansive. She is always thinking in unique ways about the education of the future. Be it reconsidering the way that we design classrooms, the ways teachers get inspired when writing lessons, or the ways students collaborate, she does not let conventional practices limit what is possible.

If there’s a teacher out there who has left a positive impression on you, reach out and show your appreciation! Also remember, it doesn’t have to be Teacher Appreciation Day for you to give thanks. You don’t have to be a student to appreciate a teacher. Tweet a teacher with a compliment with #teachlove and we will feature it in our next blog post!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day  🙂
With love,


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