4 Ways to Share on UClass

We’ve just released a brand new feature to optimize resource sharing. We received special requests for this deep linking function and–voila! We’ve gotten it up and running after just two weeks! Don’t know how deep linking works and why you need it? We’ll explain it all and delve into our other sharing features:

1. Deep Linking

How it works: With a single link, any user can share resources files and folders with students and virtually anyone else.  Deep links lead directly to the UClass.io platform and allows for quick mass distribution.

Why you need it: Deep linking allows teachers to assign and distribute work directly to students from their file management system. You can freely update folder contents as well.

What it looks like:
Deep Linking

2. Administrator Folder Distribution

How it works: Administrators can specify which teacher groups to share folders with within their district.

Why you need it: This feature allows direct top-down, district-wide resource distribution.

What it looks like:
Administrator Folder Distribution

3. Direct Email

How it works: Any user can email any resource file directly to anyone in or out of the UClass platform.

Why you need it: Unlike in conventional emails, this function surpasses the need to download and attach files in your email browser. Users instead are able to send resources along with messages to individuals directly from the UClass platform.

What it looks like:
Direct Email

4. Resource Upload

How it works: Any resource uploaded to UClass.io is automatically pooled in its district’s database, where other teachers can openly browse for it. All resources are tag-enabled for easy search.

Why you need it: District-wide sharing offers greater return on investment for the best teacher resources available.

What it looks like:
Resource Upload

We are continually working to improve efficiency for our users’ resource sharing. In the end, we are tailoring UClass.io to enable enhanced in curriculum creation.


2 thoughts on “4 Ways to Share on UClass

  1. It is very interesting but what happened if the teacher in not very creative and can’t share lesson plans or any resource? Still he can take advantage of others lesson plans or ideas?
    Thank you and Congratulations for the Program. I don’t understand many things but I will try it.


    • A teacher doesn’t need to be outstandingly creative to help the collective group. He/she can even contribute useful hyperlinks to websites. As long as the contribution is tagged with keywords and is searchable for others, it will still benefit other teachers!


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