What’s The Price To Collaborate On UClass?

We often receive many of the same inquiries about UClass. As a result, we decided to devote our new “Ask Milton” blog column to answering all of your questions! 

What's The Price To Collaborate On UClass?

UClass is completely free for teachers to sign up and demo individually; however, its real power comes from subscribing with a large network. The platform encourages districts to crowdsource and collaborate materials, which means that its value grows exponentially with each additional participant. Uploaded resources become more useful when more teachers can access and build off of them.

Joining UClass as either a district or organization is subscription-based and calculated from a variable price amount per teacher per year. Because not every district will use the UClass system in the same way, we offer personalized consultation to craft your district’s specific implementation strategy and price. Investment in UClass varies depending on both district size and utilization.

Reach out to us for a consultation time that works best for you. We will assess your needs and incorporate both your current curriculum framework and sharing philosophies to map out a customized plan of attack. Just contact our Director of School Partnerships, Cathy, at Cathy@uclass.io and she will provide you everything you need!

If you have a question regarding UClass or curriculum planning, leave us a comment or #AskMilton with a tweet to @UClassEd!


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