Announcing UClass Curriculum Analytics Pilot

Apply for the Study!

UClass is choosing five school districts to be part of a year-long study on how best to take analytics on the usage and efficacy of curriculum. Districts chosen for the study will use the state-of-the-art UClass curriculum portal for a year and work with UClass to develop the parameters and frameworks to gather meaningful data around curriculum. Pilot participants will receive a 70% discounted rate for the UClass platform. You can apply here until September 26th. The study begins in October.

Apply Now!

General Overview:

UClass is partnering with five school districts to maximize the effectiveness of their curriculum through our advanced analytics tool. We’re working closely with these partners to help educators understand and identify content that most successfully targets standards. We are informing administrators about their return on investment for curriculum by taking metrics on usage, engagement and performance. With this information, districts can make informed decisions on where to develop content and how to scale best practices. 

What’s in it for you/What your district will receive:

  • The full UClass platform available to all teachers and administrators at a 70% discounted price. This includes access to our content management system, bank of millions of standards-aligned resources, and analytics dashboard.
  • Monthly progress reports on curriculum trends, usage and efficacy data.
  • Professional development workshops that train educators on how to use the UClass system to build and access curriculum as well as how to utilize data to evaluate curricular materials.
  • The opportunity to work closely with an industry leading Silicon Valley EdTech company to shape a tool that serves over 5,000 schools.
  • At the end of the 2014-2015 school year, we will provide you with a published report that will shed light on how analytics affected your curriculum.


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