4 New Feature Updates: Check Out the New UClass!

UClass is introducing four major feature updates that will take your curriculum planning to the next level. Take a peek at what the new and improved UClass has to offer!

Resource Privacy Capability

Adjusting File Privacy Setting Make them Unsearchable

Don’t want anyone else to access your files while searching through the resource database? Just edit your file’s privacy to keep that file only available to you. Click on the drop down next to your file, select “Edit” and uncheck the “public” setting.

Clickable Activity Feed

View Referenced Activity Feed Resources With a Simple Click

Check out the resources that teachers in your network are uploading. Our activity feed is now interactive! If you notice a resource that interests you on the activity feed, you can click and immediately access it for yourself.

Direct File Upload

Upload Directly From Your Files Page

No need to navigate to a separate upload page anymore–now you can manage all of your resources directly from the files page! You can now upload files with a browser window, add a link, and utilize our Google Drive integration to migrate files over. See the menu at the top right just under the search bar.

Multi-Select Options

Move or Delete Multiple Files & Folders at Once

Reorganize all of your files with the multi-select tool! You can move or delete multiple files and folders at once.


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