UClass is at GSV CEO, SETDA Leadership summits

It’s a busy week for us! UClass is at both the SETDA Leadership Summit in Washington DC and the GSV CEO Summit in Colorado this week.

The SETDA Leadership Summit, which kickstarted this week’s travels, began on Sunday. We had an amazing first day getting face time with many of the country’s biggest state-level education leaders during speed meetings and continue to revel in the engaging edtech-centered discussions. Take a look at these pictures from the conference!

Preparing Our Table at SETDA Leadership Summit

Making sure our table at the conference is in pristine shape for day 1

UClass Swag at SETDA Leadership Summit

One of our favorite parts of going to conferences: handing out UClass swag 🙂

Showing Off Our Spot on the SETDA Leadership Summit Poster

Showing off our spot on the SETDA sponsors poster

At the GSV Summit we’re surrounded by both inspiring people and inspiring conversation. Check out these edtech visionaries we ran into at the summit! #selfies!

Deborah Quazzo at GSV CEO Summit

Deborah Quazzo, founder of GSV Advisors

Betsy Corcoran, CEO and Founder of EdSurge

Betsy Corcoran, CEO and Founder of EdSurge


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