UClass Partners With Studentreasures to Inspire Young Authors

Studentreasures Publishing
UClass has partnered with Studentreasures Publishing to help encourage student-published literature!
Studentreasures established its name over the last 25 years by partnering with nearly 400,000 teachers to create millions of young authors through its free book publishing program. An industry leader in school publishing, Studentreasures has chosen and contracted 3 of our UClass Teacher Board members to craft Common Core aligned book publishing lessons. Now available on UClass and Studentreasures website alike, these lessons have been designed to present an authentic hands-on means for teaching Common Core ELA standards.Studentreasures Publishing
Take a look at what our participating Teacher Board members have been working on and create your classroom of published authors! To view all of the lessons, Click Here.

Thankful for American Citizenship Book Project

Thankful for American Citizenship Book Project

This I believe Book Project

This I Believe Book Project

Nationwide Learning Book Kit

Nationwide Learning Book Kit

The Best Day Ever

rt Day Eve


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