Why Students in 2015 Crave Multimedia

2015 Multimedia

It’s 2015 and classrooms have been conquered by a new wave of digital natives who crave fresh new means of retaining knowledge. With wireless media already at their fingertips, today’s students need learning environments that are just as stimulating as their daily fix of social media–if not more!

According to the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning, students have a limited amount of real estate in their working memory and they retain more when both auditory and visual channels of information processing are stimulated. A series of studies published in a 1992 edition of Multimedia and Videodisc Monitor adds that use of interactive multimedia shortens instructional learning curves by 60%. Compared to students in a conventional textbook lecture-style classroom, content retention for students who received interactive video instruction increased by 25-50% over a period of three to six months.

multimediaPieChartThe bottom line for teachers here is that bolstering instruction with interactive multimedia achieves far greater learning results than verbal delivery teaching alone. Unfortunately, when it comes to varying media in our own classrooms, maintaining a birds-eye view of this is easier said than done. This is precisely why at UClass, we integrated a simple resource type pie chart into our suite of analytic tools. Use the pie chart of most used file types to track what resources your lessons are missing and fill in the gaps with content that your students will always remember!


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