The UClass Story

The Tale of United Classrooms

It all began on a remote beach in Tanzania when, puzzled by the absence of online resources adequate to connect their classrooms to their pen pals in the United States, Zak and Leah whipped out a notebook and began to scrawl out a solution to unite their classrooms.

That was August, 2011.

UClass has grown to include every inhabitable continent and is now based out of the San Francisco.  The team has grown to include seven full-time employees piecing together the great dream. We are building UClass to help unlock the brimming curiosity, genius and creativity of children. We suspect global collaboration among children may well help to solve some of our world’s greatest challenges.

Questions, comments or suggestions?


7 thoughts on “The UClass Story

  1. I’m really excited about this project Zac! I am also working on an education project ~.~ Can’t wait to hear more.

    ~ana christina


  2. Greetings Zak,

    Ashley got the info to me about your project and we all commend both of you. looks like financial help is the word for the moment so we’ll see where there might be some deep pockets!
    Always, God is always with you and through God and other people, good things happen.

    Grace and peace in Jesus’ name

    Pastor Murray.


  3. Hey Zak—great to see what you’re up to- a very interesting and challenging project. Hope you’re able to launch it!
    Karin Nelson


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