Renaissance Learning Acquires UClass

Dear UClass Users and Supporters,

UClass was started in a Brooklyn basement by a couple of teachers in 2012 and today we are thrilled to announce that we have been acquired by Renaissance Learning, the world leader in K12 assessment and learning analytics.

Over the last three years, we have worked with thousands of educators who work tirelessly each day to open opportunities for students. You are our inspiration. We believe that you are the forces for change in schools and our mission is to continue to serve you and your students. Adding Renaissance’s data to UClass’s district content is a powerful combination that will significantly increase our ability to support you in your choice of the right content at the right learning moment for your students.

It has been our honor to work with you and we couldn’t be more thrilled that we will get to continue to do so with Renaissance Learning, a company that has a 28 year history of putting teachers first.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Zak Ringelstein and the UClass Team

Learn more from the press release below

Renaissance Learning Acquires UClass

Announcing 2 New Search & Sharing Features

UClass has just rolled out 2 new features on its platform! Take a look at what we’ve added to make searching and sharing resources even snappier.

Search “My Resources”

Search "My Resources"

If your UClass file system is full of resources and you’re having trouble keeping track of your own authored materials–don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! As part of advanced search, UClass users can narrow search results to their own created resources. Simply select “My Resources” as the source in the left-most advanced search dropdown!

“Request Access” to Shared Folders

"Request Access" to Shared Folders

We’re taking folder sharing and collaboration a step further with our newly added folder dropdown option. Say hello to the new “Request Access” option! For a shared folder to which you have view-only access, you can now ask the folder’s owner for editing permissions. Once you are granted editing capabilities, feel free to adjust the shared folder’s contents. Just remember, all changes made to the shared folder will also appear for all other recipients.

Why Students in 2015 Crave Multimedia

2015 Multimedia

It’s 2015 and classrooms have been conquered by a new wave of digital natives who crave fresh new means of retaining knowledge. With wireless media already at their fingertips, today’s students need learning environments that are just as stimulating as their daily fix of social media–if not more!

According to the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning, students have a limited amount of real estate in their working memory and they retain more when both auditory and visual channels of information processing are stimulated. A series of studies published in a 1992 edition of Multimedia and Videodisc Monitor adds that use of interactive multimedia shortens instructional learning curves by 60%. Compared to students in a conventional textbook lecture-style classroom, content retention for students who received interactive video instruction increased by 25-50% over a period of three to six months.

multimediaPieChartThe bottom line for teachers here is that bolstering instruction with interactive multimedia achieves far greater learning results than verbal delivery teaching alone. Unfortunately, when it comes to varying media in our own classrooms, maintaining a birds-eye view of this is easier said than done. This is precisely why at UClass, we integrated a simple resource type pie chart into our suite of analytic tools. Use the pie chart of most used file types to track what resources your lessons are missing and fill in the gaps with content that your students will always remember!

Forbes Features UClass CEO as a Game Changer in Education

Forbes 30 Under 30We’re kicking off the new year and doing it right! UClass CEO, Zak Ringelstein, has been selected for Forbes’ 2015 30 Under 30 list of influential names in education. The exclusive list highlights men and women in twenty varying industries who are already trailblazers before the age of thirty. Check out the list in the latest edition of Forbes Magazine or just click on the image below!

2015 30 Under 30: Education

UClass 2014: A Year in Review

It’s been an incredibly eventful year for us here at UClass and we’re sad to see it come to an end. To sum up 2014, we’ve compiled a visual timeline of major events from this year. Take a look and relive this amazing year with us! And to the upcoming year ahead of us, we’re excited and ready for you!


For more information:

UClass Participates in Hour of Code

Last Friday, UClass had the great pleasure of participating in Vermont’s Hour of Code Guest Speaker Series. Sponsored by the Agency of Education, Vita-Learning, and  Vermont’s Google Educator Group, the web conference video series features an array of inspirational figures in tech. Hour of Code is designed to expose students to the wonders of computer science and we were excited that we could play our part for the event. This week UClass will also be making a couple classroom appearances for Hour of Code at Creative Arts Charter School in San Francisco, California!

Click here to view our session!
Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 1.18.16 PM

Analytics Version 1.5 has Arrived!

Analytics 1.5 has Arrived

Today, UClass released the newest version of Analytics! Get excited because along with this updated version of UClass come tons of new metric-centered features. Hooray, they made it here just in time for the holidays! Our team is dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive curriculum assessment tool out there. Check out what we’ve added:


CCSS Coverage

Here, you get a bird’s-eye view of which standards have been covered. This data informs teachers and administrators of gaps in content and of areas to better invest in instruction and attention. Click into your coverage chart to navigate deeper into your covered subjects.

Clickable CCSS Coverage Charts


Multi-District Comparison

If your network includes multiple user groups, compare them all in one comprehensive graph. We now track downloads as well as views under the “Usage” category.

Campare Multiple Districts at Once


Metric-Integrated Info View

We pulled in valuable metrics directly into folder and resource info options! For all of your shared items, you can see who they have been shared with and the percentage of users who have viewed them.

Metric-Integrated Info View


Admin Panel Analytics

Our admin panel now displays basic user metrics, which you can use to filter and sort search results. Identify your most active users within your network.

Sort and Filter Admin Analytics Results


Individual User Report

Individual reports provide an in-depth analysis of how users within your district use UClass. Identify user behavioral trends with custom time range graphs.

Individual User Report

UClass is at GSV CEO, SETDA Leadership summits

It’s a busy week for us! UClass is at both the SETDA Leadership Summit in Washington DC and the GSV CEO Summit in Colorado this week.

The SETDA Leadership Summit, which kickstarted this week’s travels, began on Sunday. We had an amazing first day getting face time with many of the country’s biggest state-level education leaders during speed meetings and continue to revel in the engaging edtech-centered discussions. Take a look at these pictures from the conference!

Preparing Our Table at SETDA Leadership Summit

Making sure our table at the conference is in pristine shape for day 1

UClass Swag at SETDA Leadership Summit

One of our favorite parts of going to conferences: handing out UClass swag 🙂

Showing Off Our Spot on the SETDA Leadership Summit Poster

Showing off our spot on the SETDA sponsors poster

At the GSV Summit we’re surrounded by both inspiring people and inspiring conversation. Check out these edtech visionaries we ran into at the summit! #selfies!

Deborah Quazzo at GSV CEO Summit

Deborah Quazzo, founder of GSV Advisors

Betsy Corcoran, CEO and Founder of EdSurge

Betsy Corcoran, CEO and Founder of EdSurge

Announcing New UClass Administrative Control Panel

Announcing the New Admin Panel

We’ve added an additional function for district and county administrators on UClass! UClass has recently released a new administrative control panel for managing district platform users. Administrators can now manage their district or county’s teacher information and grant administrative permission all on one page. If you’re an administrator, take a higher-level view of your district and check out your admin panel for yourself!

4 New Feature Updates: Check Out the New UClass!

UClass is introducing four major feature updates that will take your curriculum planning to the next level. Take a peek at what the new and improved UClass has to offer!

Resource Privacy Capability

Adjusting File Privacy Setting Make them Unsearchable

Don’t want anyone else to access your files while searching through the resource database? Just edit your file’s privacy to keep that file only available to you. Click on the drop down next to your file, select “Edit” and uncheck the “public” setting.

Clickable Activity Feed

View Referenced Activity Feed Resources With a Simple Click

Check out the resources that teachers in your network are uploading. Our activity feed is now interactive! If you notice a resource that interests you on the activity feed, you can click and immediately access it for yourself.

Direct File Upload

Upload Directly From Your Files Page

No need to navigate to a separate upload page anymore–now you can manage all of your resources directly from the files page! You can now upload files with a browser window, add a link, and utilize our Google Drive integration to migrate files over. See the menu at the top right just under the search bar.

Multi-Select Options

Move or Delete Multiple Files & Folders at Once

Reorganize all of your files with the multi-select tool! You can move or delete multiple files and folders at once.