5 Things UClass is Thankful For

5 Things UClass is Thankful For

We are thankful for…

Teachers who dedicate their lives to raising the future leaders of the world

Administrators who work to expand innovations in their schools and districts in the name of improving education

Advancements in cloud technologies that allow for high availability and rapid scalability to thousands of teachers worldwide

A new age of cross-organizational collaboration in achieving goals for student achievement

The promise technology brings to the futures of our highest-need kids: doors that that have historically been shut are opening as a result of such innovative and progressive problem solving.

–Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by plenty of loved ones!


UClass Backpacks in Yosemite for Company Retreat

UClass Team

UClass recently went on a two-night company camping trip and we just have to say: Yosemite National Park is absolutely phenomenal. After a full weekend of hiking, swimming, and bonding around the campfire we are energized and ready to attack the new school year with full force!

UClass Retreat Collage

Photo credit goes to 2/3’s of our development team, Rob A. and Alex P.!