Meet The UClass Team

Zak Ringelstein, Co-Founder & CEO
Zak graduated from Columbia University, is a marathon runner and has a Master’s degree in making learning fun. He began teaching 4th and 5th grade with Teach For America in a public school in Phoenix, Arizona and most recently taught in an international school in Tanzania where he also helped set up a local teaching corps. He originally hails from the mountains of New Hampshire where he learned the value of a loving community and the buoyancy of hope for a better world.

Chris Yim, Co-Founder & COO
Chris is a co-founder and COO at United Classrooms. He graduated from Columbia University, where he studied Psychology, dominated the intramural sports circuit and feasted heavily at the dining hall. Since graduating, he has taught English in South Korea and managed a multi-million dollar business operation. His experience traveling abroad has instilled within him the desire to join students in learning, and he envisions UClass serving as a peacemaking tool of the future. Outside of the UClass office, you can most likely find Chris scarfing down a burrito or working it off on the nearest field, court or mountain.

Varun Gulati, Co-Founder & CTO
Varun is the most recent addition to the UClass team. He joins the team with a wealth of experience in education, consulting and tech. He graduated from Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science and decided to share his passion for math by teaching in New Orleans with Teach For America. Two Mardi Gras’ later, Varun left his classroom and took his desire to innovate to Silicon Valley, where he joined Google. At UClass, he is integrating his love for technology and his hope for education equality. When he isn’t listening to reggaeton or merengue, you can find him dancing bhangra and avoiding any egg-made substances.

Leah Schrader, Co-Founder & Community Manager
Leah graduated from Bard College. She is a fiddler and colors her classrooms with music and crayons. She began teaching special education with Teach For America in a public school in Phoenix, Arizona and has since taught in an urban charter school in Northeastern America and at an international school in East Africa. Leah grew up in a tiny mountain town in Maine where she learned the gravity of connecting with the world to open the doors of opportunity for the change-makers of the future.


One thought on “Meet The UClass Team

  1. We are sooo proud of u two at Old Otterbein. Did you know that our church adopted a school
    in the Brooklyn/Curtis Bay area (extremely low income area with accompanying urban problems)
    and we are always looking for ideas to help students learn who have no parental support and
    few incentives. This school was an elementary, then middle, now High School. We’ve had
    several “events” with high participation by Otterbeiners. The goal is to change the community
    through the students and their opportunities.
    The really big eye opener was when I sponsored a trip to a workshop on going to college and
    only one student showed up! And, the discovery that these students from poor areas can ONLY
    get any free or Federal aid IF their parents have filed income taxes. Almost none have!
    But the real clue to success in the classroom is to make it interesting enough to get their
    attention! Any ideas?
    Hugs to you both!
    The Riz


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