Test-Time Cartoons

Whether you’re currently in the thresholds of testing season or it’s recently come and passed, we think it’s just about time for a little comic relief–literally. We’ve compiled for you short collection of testing-themed cartoons to bring some sunshine back in your day.

Feel free to tweet us @UClassEd with any funny ones that we missed and we’ll publish them in another post. Otherwise, enjoy!

Hopefully your students come prepared…

Bring #2

and not like this poor guy over here.

Surprised Koala

No matter what your tests look like…


don’t forget to have your fun.


Just don’t be ruthless!

Complicated Test

Naturally, they’re probably a little scared, so give them a break…

Scared Testing

unless they start answering questions like this.


It’s all worth it if it’ll prepare them for the real world!

Test Real World

Maybe there will even be celebratory bumper stickers!

Bumber Sticker