UClass Classroom Featured in Massachusetts Newspaper!

In April, UClass hosted, in partnership with Global Concerns Classroom, an Earth Day project. Students from all around the world researched, explored and created projects on the environmental issues that were important to them. One of the winners of the global Earth Day project was a 9th grade Integrated Science class of Quincy, MA.

The class, taught by science teacher Christine Chang and student teacher Bridget Molly, did a water conservation project that blew away the UClass judges. Each student participated in a two-week research project on different biomes, geographical areas, and environments around the world. The students created posters detailing their research, while also exploring how water use impacts different people around the world. To conclude the project, students wrote down promises of how they would conserve water in the future.

This class’ project was so inspiring and powerful that it garnered attention in The Patriot Ledger, a local Massachusetts newspaper. Congratulations to Quincy High School, Christine Chang, Bridget Molly, and the 9th graders who made this project possible.

You can read the full article here.

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